The Birman

Birman’s are affectionate, intelligent, gentle and loving cats that tend to be happiest in family or multi-pet households, although they work well in apartments and single households too.

Very quiet in nature, they communicate well by following you from room to room, always interested in what you are doing and open to a kiss and a cuddle. The breed is a hardy, healthy one, and is considered slow to mature, with most not attaining their full growth until they are three or four years of age.

Sacred cat litters average three to five kittens which are pure white at birth. Point color begins to show after a few weeks, but it can be twelve weeks or more before a true evaluation of the markings on the kitten can be made. Most breeders will not sell a kitten before three to four months of age.

By this age, they have had time for gradual weanings, litter box and scratching post training, a veterinary health check and their first vaccines. This safe nurturing development time helps ensure you a happy, healthy, well-adjusted pet.

The colors and patterns of a Birman are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and silver. The patterns range from the traditional pointed Birman’s to the lynx point pattern, or the tortie point pattern. We breed the four traditional colours of seal, blue, chocolate and lilac, and also occasionally have the lynx pattern in these four colours.

Considered a medium to long haired cat, Birman’s actually have a single coat, so they tend not to matte. They have all the elegance of a long-haired cat but without all of the maintenance.

Their eyes are sparkling blue, the deeper blue the better, which really stand out against their beautiful fur. Overall, they are dramatic in the looks, but very laid –back in their personality.

Ideally, the Birman should be a large, strongly built cat, with males outweighing females. It’s large, blue, almost round eyes set in a round face with a Roman nose gives it it’s sweet expression.