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In the United States we name our Birmans alphabetically and this is the "E" year, therefore all the kittens names start with "E" or the official part of their name starts with an "E", but their names can be changed to whatever their new owners would like.

Our pet quality cats are $650, all colors and sexes, and breeder and show/breeder cats are priced separately. For information on any of our cats or kittens, details of our policy, contract, and health guarantee, please contact us, we would love to talk with you.

Emily Rose had three kittens on Dec. 26th – a lilac male, a seal lynx male and a blue lynx female. I will send pictures of them in a separate email and put SOLD next to each picture. I want people to see how cute the babies are so they will want a kitten of ours.

Dove of Hope (Dovie) had two precious kittens on Feb. 1st. She had a seal point male (Hullabaloo aka Hubble) and a blue lynx girl, Harmony. Harmony looks to be show marked at 7 weeks old.

Ella Blue had two kittens on Feb. 8th. She has a perfect lilac boy (Hemingway aka Hemi) and a seal lynx girl, Haley’s Comet.

We have two more litters due in April. Camilla (chocolate lynx queen) was bred to Lao (seal lynx stud) and are expecting babies on April 21st. They can have seal, blue, chocolate or lilac in both solid point and lynx point. Babette (seal point) was bred to Lao (seal lynx stud) and is due on April 24th. She, too, can have seal, blue, chocolate or lilac in both solid point or lynx point.

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